Farm Bureau Ag Youth Leadership9:00 AMCaraways
Tradeshow Opens10:00 AMGov. Hall I, II, III
Registration Opens10:00 AMAtrium
General Session1:00 PMWalley Allen Ballroom
Awards Presentation in Trade Show3:30 PMTrade Show Center Stage
Resolution Committee Open Hearing4:45 PMFulton
Trade Show Closes5:00 PMGov. Hall I, II, III
Foundation Night In - Ticketed Event6:00 PMGov. Hall IV
County Presidents Breakfast Reception - Invitation Only7:00 AMTrade Show
Tradeshow Opens8:00 AMGov. Hall I, II, III
Registration Opens 8:00 AMAtrium
H2A Insights from Arkansas to Washington DC8:15 AMPope
Building a Successful County YF&R Program8:15 AMFulton
Securing Your Livestock Investment: Exploring Livestock Risk Protection8:15 AMMiller
Navigating Livestock Markets: A Comprehensive Analysis8:15 AMIzard
Arkansas Game & Fish Conservation Incentive Programs9:15 AMPope
Grain Bin Economics and Risk Management Workshop9:15 AMIzard
Optimizing Efficiencies Through Multi Species Grazing9:15 AMFulton
Elevating Agriculture: Utilizing Drones on Your Farm9:15 AMMiller
Joint Meeting of Senate/House Ag Committee10:00 AMMariott Arkansas Ballroom
Women's Leadership Luncheon - Ticketed Event12:00 PMGov. Hall IV
Ag Innovation Challenge1:15 PMTrade Show Center Stage
General Session2:00 PMWalley Allen Ballroom
District 35:00 PMCaraway III
District 55:00 PMMiller
District 75:00 PMFulton
District 65:00 PMPope
District 15:00 PMCaraway I
District 25:00 PMCaraway II
District 45:00 PMMiller
Trade Show Closes5:30 PMGov. Hall I, II, III
Voting Delegate Breakfast7:00 AMGov. Hall IV
Business Session8:00 AMWalley Allen Ballroom